Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Almost all the girls want to enjoy so Almost all the girls want to enjoy so much as they can do. For this purpose they used to find different ways for their enjoyment. Walking in parks, gardens and in markets has become a boring work for the girls so they search some new way to enjoy themselves. This photo which you are looking has been sent to us from Soha and her friends. Last week they planed to enjoy bathing in the swimming pool and on this occasion they made some photographs and sent one photo from those photographs to us. Soha said, “You can’t imagine that how much we enjoyed bathing in swimming pool. It will remain memorable for us because bathing in the bath room and bathing in the swimming pool is quite different”. She says right because in the bath room, there is no that enjoyment which can be found bathing in the swimming pool. Her friends told that they felt a free environment in the swimming pool and also have become crazy to bath once again in the swimming pool. Soha said to us that she will send more photos of bathing in the swimming pool if we will like to see them and now it depends upon you that if you want to see their swimming photos then tell to Soha through your comment.

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